4 Reasons Why Your Drains Are Blocked

4 Reasons Why Your Drains Are Blocked


Blocked drains are probably a common and annoying problem that is experienced in most businesses and homes. From foreign objects that have been dropped accidentally down the drain to a heavy build-up of grease, hair and gunk substances, there are several reasons that lead to blocked drains. Understanding how each problem is caused will be an opportunity to protect against the blocked drains.

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Common Causes of Blockages:

  • Foreign Objects:

When foreign objects or materials such as soap, fats, hair or food get caught between the drainpipes, it leads to blocked drain cleaning. At first, build up of these materials retards the flow of water, but over time materials will continue to collect and prevent the water from flowing. Blocked toilets are caused by too much of sanitary items, toilet paper and nappies being flushed down them.

  • Storm And Heavy Rain:

The outside drains are more likely to get blocked after heavy downpours and storm. After a heavy storm, it is very common for outside drains to become blocked with assorted debris and mud. These materials get collected in the pipes and prevent water from flowing freely through the drain. Blocked stormwater drains lead to flooding and damage to your property.

  • Broken Pipes:

Another reason for a blocked sewer line can be a broken pipe. If the pipelines are broken or collapsed, water cannot flow freely, causing the drain to block. The major reasons of broken pipes are age, in-grown tree roots and poor installation. Tree roots lead to massive damage underground and it takes enormous inspection to identify the exact location of the problem. Underground pipe repairs are usually expensive and disruptive.

  • Incorrect Pipe Installation:

Pipes may become misaligned or get collapsed completely due to incorrect installation. Moreover, it is also essential to choose the right pipes to ensure the success of any plumbing job. Incorrect installation or choosing inappropriate pipes lead to potential damages to your and neighbour’s property.

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