4 Things That Cause Blocked Drains – You Need To Know

4 Things That Cause Blocked Drains – You Need To Know

Did your shower turn into a small pool? Slow clogging drains are never fun. It takes hours to drain; your bathtub, kitchens sink, floors are no excuse, it gets clogged due to various reasons. Blocked toilets can be annoying and you may have to use a plunger to clear the clog. However, using a plunger can handle only lower flow rates. After attempting all your DIY skills to clear the clog, if you could not achieve, it’s time to call a blocked drains melbourne service company to help you. Doing on your own can only spoil your piping system and fixture.

Here, we help you to be cautious about these common blocks that cause clogged drains.

Hair Strands in Bathroom

The most annoying thing could be finding strands of hair in your bathroom. If you ever find your shower taking a long time to drain, it may be a blocked shower melbourne due to hair strands and other debris. It is quite normal to lose a little while taking a head bath. However, people who have hair loss issues tend to shed more hair, it is not easy to drain; they pile up, get stuck in the midway, causing the water to drain slowly. You can avoid this by clearing them after every head bath.

4 Things That Cause Blocked Drains – You Need To Know

Food Wastes in Kitchen Sink

Most household faces this kitchen sink clogging. It is due to throwing solid foods, oil along with the water, kitchen sink pipes are designed to drain only the liquid; even if it is a tiny scum, it will get piled in the pipes, and solidify over time, this causes the kitchen sink to clog.

Mineral Build-Up

Many basements and garages get floor drains. The root cause is usually the laundry water wastes, wastewater from air conditioners, water heaters, soapy water drips get collected in the drain. Over time, it gets solidified and blocks the water to pass through.

Toilet Paper

Toilets papers are one of the reasons for blocked toilets in most homes. If your toilet papers at the reach of your children, chances are your toilet papers gets stuck in the bowl and clogs suddenly. Though the toilet papers appear light, it is not easy to dissolve them in case of too much toilet paper build. Your toilet or sewer system can get clogged due to the paper and stops flushing. You can hire a professional blocked toilets melbourne services company for all your blocked toilet cleaning needs!

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