Pre Slab Inspection in South Melbourne

Pre Slab Inspection in South Melbourne

Two days back, we had a call from a building contractor who wants us to help him with pre-slab drain inspection. We had a small discussion over the phone. During the conversion, the contractor informed us that he has undertaken a new home construction project in South Melbourne and wants us to carry out the inspection to ensure whether all the drain pipes are installed properly and in compliance with the local council. Mako Drain cleaning team reached the site the next day with all the necessary equipment and carried out the Drain Camera inspection. During the assessment, we checked the condition of the drains using the CCTV Camera and pipelines that are likely to get affected by the construction activity. We compiled our findings into a report and provided details on the remedial work needed to address the faults. The contractor was very much pleased with our service and he appreciated our workmanship. If you are looking for pre-construction inspection service, feel free to call Mako Drain Cleaning Services at 0401 441 767.

Pre Slab Inspection South Melbourne

Pre Slab Inspection – South Melbourne

Tree Roots Growing In a Bend in the Pipe in North Melbourne

Later this week, we had a call from a customer informing that sewer lines get blocked and her home was flooded. Our Mako Drain Cleaning specialists dashed to their place with necessary equipment to fix the problem of blocked drains. First, we managed to discard the water to gain access to the pipeline. We carried out CCTV camera inspection and found that tree roots had encroached into the drains and led to the blockage. Though the roots were growing along the bend in the pipe, somehow we have managed to get rid of the blockage. We used high pressure water jets, called hydro jetting, to flush the blockage out. Once the clog has been removed, we carried out other drain repair works to ensure free flow of water. We also advised them to have regular cleaning maintenance to avoid further problems. If you find yourself in a messy condition, call Mako Drain Cleaning Services at 0401 441 767.

Tree Roots Growing In a Bend in the Pipe - North Melbourne

Blocked Pipe – Tree Roots Growing In a Bend in the Pipe in North Melbourne

Drain Holding Water Due to Pipe not on Grade in North Melbourne

This was the case we handled when we were called in to fix a completely blocked drain. One of our customers called and informed us that he had a slow flowing drain that has completed stopped working after some time. To handle this emergency situation, Mako Drain Services specialists arrived to their place with all the necessary tools in just 20 minutes. We dropped a camera into the pipe and found that a stubborn blockage using CCTV drain camera inspection. We use highly pressurised water which not only removed the clogs but also exposed collapsed pipes. To provide a permanent solution, we created a new pipeline within the old pipe using high grade epoxy pipes. For a quick and permanent solution for your collapsed drain pipes, call our team at 0401 441 767 or book online.

Blocked Stormwater Drains North Melbourne

Unblocked the Holding Water Drain – North Melbourne